Lumion is visualization software for architects that is used to create 3D images and video presentations. Lumion is easy to master designing software. An engineer or designer can quickly create a scene or build a 3D environment using this software. Lumion is based on CAD (computer-aided design) and it hastily converts 3D CAD designs into a beautiful graphical design. The scope for this designing software in the industry is very high.

Most of the multinational companies and well-known brands seek the professionals having expertise in Lumion so as to provide an assortment of career opportunities. Thus, if you want to become one of those expert designers having high-quality designing skills and knowledge, then you must take professional training of this software.

JAMA Institute is undoubtedly the best Lumion training institute in Delhi. We offer professional training in Lumion course Delhi to both students as well as the working professionals. The students who learn Lumion training course from our institute have far better knowledge about the same as compared to the students who have learnt the same course from any other institute. The major reason behind this is our intensive practical training.

We at JAMA Institute equip our students with live projects experience and real-time practical exposure so that they learn to tackle challenges that could arise while building different designs using Lumion. Our institute excels in providing Lumion training Delhi at another level.

The syllabus of our Lumion training course Indore is designed by the most experienced and certified industry experts. The key contents of our training program are; introduction to Lumion, importing 3D models, creating camera path, animation and walkthrough, assigning materials to the 3D models, etc. JAMA Institute offers Lumion course in Delhi . Give us a visit or call us now to know more about our Lumion training Delhi.

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Master in Animation Course is a highly focused professional training qualification designed to prepare students for careers in digital multimedia, animation, and VFX art.

Composition & Editing Course is designed to make you proficient in nuances of digital art and animation which transforms you into an industry professional.

Multimedia Studio (Graphic + Web Designing) Course is a highly focused and in-depth professional training qualification designed to prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialization of digital graphics, web designing, web animation, web hosting and advertising.

This course prepare students for careers in various concentrations within the specialization of Graphics, Responsive Designs, Video textures, & commercial designs.

This course will train you on all aspects of know-hows which will help you transform your personality into a visionary one.

Interior Designing course helps you master all aspects of interiors and add room for creativity for better project management.

The Course features all necessary aspects of Web designing and how to run it effectively on the internet.

Get friendly with Animation and advance your movie making skills with Post-Production.


JAMA Institute is the only one of the top media and entertainment Institute  that offers industry standard courses and practical hands-on experience and provides written job guaranteed courses.

  • 100% Job Guarantee or Money Back
  • Industry Standards Practiced
  • Supervision to develop your professional portfolio & demo reel
  • One to One Project & Software Training
  • Experience with Live Projects and Learn From Professional
  • Access to Creosouls, an online portfolio management platform to showcase your work to the world & get rated by experts.
  • 10+ years of experienced Faculty in multimedia animation education and production


Jama is based out to deliver the best possible outcomes to student’s career and help them make their mark in the industry. With Jama Institute’s top-notch quality Industrial training, we are focused on providing 100% Placement guarantee to the students, the faculty ensures that students learn all pros and cons of the tools and are given an exceptional edge on learning.

When you’ll enter into Jama Institute’s learning environment, you’ll get know that you are at the right place; a place you can explore, learn, adapt to a whole new world of possibilities. Jama offers you with a perfect mindset which lets you build skills, adapt to the industry level environment and reach new skies. Come! Join one of the courses today!