Master Multimedia & Animation Course (24 Month)

A complete All-in-one package that trains you all aspects of Multimedia Design & Animation.

Interior Designing Course (12 Month)

A perfect space is defined by the perfect interiors, We’ll train you on how define a perfect interior design around your vision.

Video Editing & post-production (8 Month)

We’ll train you this course with best & latest technology which is used in industry and will add the benchmark to your CV.

Web Designing & Hosting

With the internet era, having a website for a business is very important as it helps you connect with the world with just a click.

Post Production & Animation Course(18 Months)

Get friendly with Animation and advance your movie making skills with Post-Production.

Graphic Designing Course (6 Month)

Learn how to create a firm design for your product from the experts, this course focuses on developing your creativity and opening your mindset towards designing.

Multimedia Animation Course (12 Month)

The center focused Multimedia Animation Course delivers you a shot set which helps you prepare for industry standards on the go, and will help you bring your creativity to life.

Master multimedia Post-production & Animation Course (36 Month)

With the twist of Media and Animation, we’ll train you aspects of know-hows which will help you transform your personality into a visionary one.